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Material / Material Belt : Nylon

Lanyard (obi rope) : (Middle) Aramid fiber (Skin) Polyester fiber

Hook : Chromium molybdenum SS steel

Buckle : Steel weight 

Capacity weight : 1220g size

Dimensions Belt belt : (Width) 50 x (length) 1200 mm

Lanyard : (width) 18 x (length) 1700 mm


  • One-touch type
  • Shock absorber = attached to belt side
  • With a shock absorber, reduces secondary disasters.
  • A shock absorber received in the event of a crash is equipped as standard with a highly reliable shock absorber that was developed to reduce the effects of internal organs and other disorders on the human body. It has the ability to reduce shock shock by about 50%, and can minimize accidents when working at heights.
  • Because you can adjust the length of the obi rope freely, the obi rope will not interfere with your work.
  • Because the obi rope is a composite belt of super strong aramid fiber and strong polyester fiber, it is strong against friction and has higher strength than nylon tape diameter 10mm.

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