ITEM No. 【 TA110X-220P 】

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Short Recovery Time and Big Heat Radiator

Recovery capability (g/min)
R22: 220(gas) 2500(mixture) 5200(liqud)
R134a: 200(gas) 2400(mixture) 5000(liqud)
R410A: 225(gas) 2700(mixture) 5700(liqud)
*Push-Pull Operation
*The result of R22(gas) is tested on JIS B 8629

Object Device
Air-Conditioner, Ceiling Cassette Type Air Conditioner,
Refrigerator and Freezor, Ice Maker, Car Air-Conditioner

Primary Specification

  • Recovery Refrigerant:  R12,R22,R500,R502,R410A,R32,R404A,R407C,R507A,R134a

    and FC1,FC1,FC3 Series of Fluorocarbon Refrigerant(Flammable Exclusive)

  • Power Supply:  220V/50Hz
  • Recovery Method:  Gas/Mixture:Refrigerant gas from suction port is compressed and changed to liquid.

    Liquid: Push-Pull Operation. Liquid is forced to cylinder by pressure.

  • Sound Level:  63db
  • Ultimate Vacuum:  Cont. Operation:Approx.-380mmHg (0.05Mpa)

    Auto. Operation:Approx.-300mmHg (0.06Mpa)*Pressure gauge: PSI display

  • Optional Function:  Self-Cleaning:Removal of remaining refrigerants
  • Size/Net Weight:  360 H x 430 W x 260 D mm/ 16.0kg
  • Operating temperature:  0~39℃
  • Cylinder (Separately sold):  ~90kg(100L) Cylinder with float level gauge

    ~90kg(100L) FC3 Cylinder with Weight Limiter

  • Accessories:  Charging hose(1/4 Flare) with Valve 150cm x 2

    Refrigerant Contamination Filter x 1

    Connecting Port Size Conversion Hose (5/16 Female Flare x 1/4 Male Flare) x 1

    Short Hose x 1

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